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A year ago yesterday, we lost our son-in-law Andrés.

Yesterday, our daughter organized a celebration in our other daughter’s house and garden.

A shrine was set up with flowers, and photos and photos and photos, and garlands of Mexican cut-paper. And strings and strings of origami.


Dozens and dozens and dozens of friends, family, children, babies, showed up. Thank you all for coming. The garden was full. Even the sun pushed the clouds away.

There was laughter and tears, music and beer, and Tequila and Mezcal, delicious tacos cooked on the spot, and more beer, and speeches, and laughter and tears and hugs.

I am pleased to report that laughter and smiles beat tears by a long shot.



Washington, D.C. 2015, after Gini’s graduation from GWU. (The hat is mine)

Our daughter put together a site dedicated to the many memories Andrés left us. I invite you to click on the link below and visit. Nothing sad. Just a celebration of a wonderful human being, Love and Life.

— por Brieuc Martin-Onraët, 2018
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